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Summer 2021

Are you ready to race in-person?

Yes? This is the race for you!
No? We hope you'll join us semi-virtually!
The details are below, but we are offering both an in-person event with a traditional start as well as a very flexible time period to race, run or walk the course. We are excited for summer to get here and for the Mine Falls Summer Trail Races to happen again! We have options for everyone, and your race directors hope to make 2021 a safe and fun event where you can get out with your friends and race, run, or walk the course. Find us on our Facebook page, and join us.  We are excited to get back some sense of normal!

- Your 2021 Race Directors (Marie, Ken and Rob)

Submitting your results from a semi-virtual run? Email them to: minefallssummertrailseries@yahoo.com

Would you like to help out? There are volunteer positions available!

Mine Falls Summer Trail Series would like to thank our sponsors!

Odd Fellows Brewing Company 124 Main Street, Nashua NH
Dynamic Strength and Conditioning, 115 Northeastern Blvd, Nashua NH
Ace Hardware, 129 W Pearl St Nashua, NH
The Big One 185 Concord St Nashua, NH
Millyard Brewery 125 East Otterson Street Nashua, NH

2021 In-Person Dates

7 Stadium Drive, Nashua, NH 03062

Announcements start at 6:25, the 5 Mile race starts at 6:30, and the 5K starts at 6:33.

We recommend arriving no later than 6pm so you can park and get your bib.

  • June 7
  • Sunday June 13*
  • June 21
  • June 28
  • July 12
  • July 19
  • July 26
  • August 2
  • August 9
  • August 16

* Please note that due to the scheduled Nashua High School graduation taking place at Stellos Stadium on the evening of June 14th, we are moving the in-person race from that Monday night to the night before - Sunday June 13th.

What do you get for your full season registration fee?

The registration fee of $90 for adults ($50 for those under 18) includes the following:

  • 10 In-Person Races - with times published to iResults Live.
  • 10 Weeks of Semi-Virtual Races - either instead of or in addition to in-person. (e.g. run the 5k in-person and the 5 mile on the course virtually) Times also published to iResults Live
  • Register by May 15th to receive an embroidered running hat with the MFSTS logo!
  • All registrants will receive a MFSTS logo sticker and a custom bib!
  • Age group awards - you gotta earn those pint glasses! (To qualify for an AG award you must race in-person)
  • A chance to win a raffle prize each week. Raffles will be available to in-person and semi-virtual participants!
  • Run, walk or crawl 8 of the 10 weeks and get a coveted MFSTS long sleeved T-shirt! (This years color will be announced at a later date)

Do you prefer to pay by the week?

That's fine also! Decide the day of the event that you'd like to run or walk it for $10. ($5 for those under 18) You can register by filling out the application and paying your fee at the registration tent each week. Exact change appreciated!
When you register you will receive a custom bib and a MFSTS logo sticker! Plus:

  • In-Person or a Semi-Virtual Race - with times published to iResults Live.
  • Run 8 of the 10 weeks and and you may qualify for an age group award (To qualify for an AG award you must race in person)
  • A chance to win a raffle prize each week. Raffles will be available to in-person and semi-virtual participants!
  • Finish 8 of the 10 weeks and get a coveted MFSTS long sleeved T-shirt! (This years color will be announced at a later date)
Sample - the actual hat is tech material. It will be a great running hat!
Age Group Awards will be pint glasses with a MFSTS logo!
The 2021 shirt will be long sleeved and the color will be announced at a later date.

In-Person vs. Semi-Virtual - no limitations!

Once you register, you can decide week by week if you'd prefer to run in-person or semi-virtually. You are not locked in to one or the other when you register. In fact, as vaccines and the percentage of the community that are vaccinated increase, we hope that more people will feel comfortable joining in-person. However, we feel strongly that you should do what is right for you - either way we'd be happy to have you join us.

In-Person Events

The format for in-person races changed as of May 28th 2021 when the City of Nashua rescinded their mask and other COVID requirements. Our plan is to almost entirely return to the traditional format for MFSTS, including a traditional start and in-person registration, but we also want to accommodate anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with the looser restrictions.

  • In-person events will have a traditional start. Announcements at 6:25, 5 Mile starts at 6:30, 5K starts at 6:33.
  • If you prefer to start before or after the traditional start, there will be volunteers available to take your starting time. The starting gate will be open from 6:15 to 6:45.
  • At the end of the race you turn in your bib to qualify for the raffle. Apparently we do want your sweaty gross bib back!
  • We encourage participants to bring their own water. We will have one course water stop with bottles of water and bottles of water will be provided at the finish.
  • Participants CAN register at the event. You will need to fill out an application the first week you attend and pay your entry fee.
  • The finish line will close at 7:45pm. If you finish after this you will have to submit your results via the semi-virtual process.

Age Group Awards

To qualify for an age group award you must run in-person events. Semi-virtual will not count. The sum of your fastest 8 race times will determine the winner. Age group awards will be presented for the following ages (both male and female) for both the 5K and the 5 mile at the end of the 10 race series:

  • 0 - 9
  • 10 - 14
  • 15 - 19
  • 20 - 29
  • 30 - 39
  • 40 - 49
  • 50 - 59
  • 60 - 69
  • 70 - 79
  • 80+

Weather Cancellations

In-Person races may be cancelled due to severe weather. While we plan on holding races rain or shine, if there are high winds, thunderstorms, or other events which make holding the race unsafe for participants or volunteers we will announce a cancellation on our Facebook Page with as much notice as we can give. If a race is cancelled, please consider running the semi-virtual option when it is safe to do so in order to have that week count for your T-shirt.

Bib Pickup

Will be announced on our Facebook Page but are planned for Saturday June 5th and before the first race on June 7th.

Forgot or Lost Your Bib?

Please stop by the registration tent and we will give you a replacement bib. It will not be a custom bib but we will happily put your bib number on it with a sharpie.

Semi-Virtual Events

  • You have from dawn on Saturday morning until Tuesday at noon to run the course.  In fact you can run it as often as you'd like!
  • You MUST run either the 5K or the 5 mile course as published in order for your run to count.
  • There will be a bib pickup on Saturday morning June 5th near the skate park and the YMCA and Stellos Stadium. You may also message or email us if you'd prefer to have your packet mailed to you. Please watch our Facebook page to learn more as the time approaches.
  • There will be a marked area to start at in the Stellos Stadium parking lot.  Start there, and don't forget to start your watch or any other electronic tracking device if you have one.
  • Run the course and when you finish, cross the marked finish line and record your time.
  • Email your results including Garmin/Strava/etc output to minefallssummertrailseries@yahoo.com.  Your finishing times MUST be logged by Tuesday at noon in order to get an official finishing time.
  • Run solo.  Run socially distant with a friend.  Run fast.  Run for fun.  Bring your kids.  (Kids, bring your parents!)
  • You can submit both a 5k and 5 mile time each week if you choose!  However, the runs that you do each week count only once towards the 8 races to get your T-shirt.(e.g. you can't run the 5K eight times the first week and ask for your shirt!)

The Course & Course Etiquette

The course is run on trails through Mine Falls Park. The terrain for the 5K is mostly flat, wide & well groomed. The footing is rugged but safe, over rocks, roots and packed dirt. The 5-mile race utilizes some of the lesser-used trails in the park, through winding single-track and rolling riverside paths.

We will mark the trails each week, but for those running the semi-virtual race we highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the trails and course ahead of time.  It is YOUR responsibility to run the correct course and not get lost. We will have volunteers on the course during the in-person race directing runners at certain juncture points.

* We expect that all participants will respect and give way to other people using Mine Falls Park, as well as maintaining social distancing while racing.
* The course during in-person events is not closed to the public and we expect our participants to respect other members of the community.
* If you plan on racing hard and want to minimize interactions with others, we suggest running at off hours such as early morning.
* If trail etiquette is not observed, the race directors reserve the right for punitive action including a race DQ or removal from the event. There will be no race refunds if such penalties are made. (Please don't make us do this and respect the people out on the course)

Mine Falls 2
Mine Falls


Take exit 5W off the Everett Turnpike (Route 3) in Nashua. Turn right at the first set of lights after the Police Station. The entrance to Stellos Stadium is the first left.

7 Stadium Drive, Nashua, NH 03062
The registration tent and finish line will be located by the skate park next to Stellos. The start line will be toward the back of the Stellos parking lot.

About Mine Falls Park

Mine Falls Park is a 325-acre park in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire. Located in the heart of the city, it was purchased in 1969 from the Nashua, New Hampshire Foundation with city and federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) money. It is bordered on the north by the Nashua River and on the south by the millpond and power canal system.

Want to learn more about the park?  Check out these useful pages!

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