Race Reimbursement Program

The race reimbursement program is in place again this year.

Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • Must race as a Gate City Strider Member
  • Must personally volunteer at least three times during the year for reimbursement in one series, one additional volunteer requirement must be fulfilled for each additional series
  • For NEGP,  Mountain, and XC series must be a USATF member (GCS as your club)
  • All reimbursements will take place after the racing season, with members completing the club reimbursement request distributed via email in late November,  and will be based on the number of races you compete at in a series:
    • 1 race competed in the same series: NO reimbursement
    • 2-4 races competed in the same series: 50% reimbursement for that series.
    • 5+ races competed in the same series: 100% reimbursement for that series.
  • Reimbursement amount is based on the earliest pricing available so it pays to sign up early. Reimbursement amount per race capped at $50 (ex: Half marathons/marathons that start at >$50 would only reimburse $50).
  • Reimbursement does NOT include fees or donations.
  • You CAN be reimbursed for multiple series based on number of races competed in each individual series provided you meet the reimbursement requirements stated above.
  • The total amount available for reimbursement on behalf of the club will be determined annually based on the club’s financial health.


REMEMBER: You are registering yourself and the reimbursement comes later, so you do not need to wait to register! You should utilize the contact below to ensure we are tracking your volunteering/USATF information and to offer any discount codes that may be available.