Mill City Relays

GCS Mill City 1

December 2 @ 8:00 am

Hello Striders,

Mill Cities Relay is coming soon, and WE NEED YOU to join us in competing for the title and our 11th Championship victory!!

It is time to start putting together teams for this year’s Mill Cities Relay – taking place on Sunday, Dec 2nd. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Our club is the 10-time defending MCR Champion and it will take another complete team effort to win number eleven!

For those who are new to the club, The Mill Cities Relay is a 5-leg, 26.9 mile race from Nashua, NH to Lawrence, MA. It is an epic event! The relay race began 33 years ago (in 1984) as a way of celebrating the end of the local road racing season and it determines bragging rights among the 22 participating Merrimack Valley running clubs. The race starts not with a starting gun, but with the drop of a ceremonial Mill City brick. The five leg distances are 5.4, 4.9, 2.5, 9.4 & 4.7 miles and points are awarded to teams in 18 age/gender categories. Teams finishing in the top 3 in their division get a brick trophy with a small plaque on it.

Any current club member is eligible to participate in this year’s race- free of charge! Each relay runner gets a commemorative MCR gift and the post-race party at the Claddagh is not to be missed.

More info on this great event can be found on the race website here:

Here is a wonderful article on the rich history of Mill Cities (by our own Skip Cleaver) can be found here:

Mill Cities Relay is the single biggest club race of the season. This is a fantastic way to make new friends by racing together on a relay!! SO FUN!! It is my favorite event of the year!!

Every point counts in this race and we will be assembling our teams strategically to build the most competitive teams possible and all team registrations will need to go through us. This year will be our toughest year to date so we need EVERYONE to help out. The deadline for team registration is coming soon so do not delay in letting us know you are ready to join the best team competition of the year.

Please direct any Mill Cities Relay related questions or comments to Suzanne Barker at

Include the following information

The “Second Decade of Dominance” begins NOW!


Mill Cities Relay Committee
GCS Racing Team
Justin Soucy
Mark Furler
Suzanne Barker
Steve Rouleau
Steve Hammar
Jake Wormald

Team Assignments

Team Leg #1 - 5.4 Leg #2 - 4.7 Leg #3 - 2.5 Leg #4 - 9.4 Leg #5 - 4.7
MO1 Kyle Gerlach Dan Mortimer Lucas Roy Austin Scott Ryan Moran
MO2 Joseph Cavallaro Steve Hammar Ben Bouchard Craig Bridge Thomas Cantara
FO1 Katherine Estep Katherine Cavallaro Amanda Walker Courtney Hawkins Michelle Cianci
CO1 Jacob Wormald Winifred Cooper Rachel Cataldo Colin Smith Steve Halas
CO2 Azeddine Jakib Michael Wright Carly Matthews Richie Blake Rick Roy
MSM1 Humza Jafferji Greg Indruk Scott Hafferkamp Adam Goldstein Nathan Delyani
FSM1 Christy Kervin Nicole Goldstein Kerry Rollins Lindsay Close Erin Anderson
FSM2 Danielle Ferrucci Marie Ghilardi Jamie McQuaid Maggie Angellis Mia Konovelchick
CSM1 Brandyn Naro Amanda Naro Rebecca Dorr Mark Furler Justin Soucy
CSM2 Ryan Talavera Megan Hostler Bridget Callen Ben Doyle Amy Doyle
CSM3 Lori Vance Jeremy Berger Lea Reilly Rob Fiero Emily Schoemmell
CSM4 Dan Dugan Christina Indruk Jesse Cousins Sarah Maineri Christine Houde
MM1 Kurt Berna Emmet Clifford Kent Sirimoglu Rob Chisholm Tyler Brannen
MM2 Chris Von Pichel Shawn Bertrand Stephen Lee Chris Burgess Edwin Emata
FM1 Yuki Chorney Karalyn Von Pichl Kerrie-Ann Briguglio Raelyn Crowell Suzanne Barker
FM2 Louise Campbell Laura Ray-Hokanson Pam bernier Shelly Walker Adams Dianne Smigliani
CM1 Richard Hostler Susanne Carpenter Jill Hanson Andrew Bragg Stephen Rouleau
CM2 Kerry Baxter Lynn L’Heureux Jennifer Jordan Julie Swain Mike Dunhom
MS1 John Singelais Mark Crane Christopher Simard Brian Ruhm Kevin McIntyre
FS1 Kim Hickman Gina Joubert Beth Whipple Karen Long Pam Triest-Hallahan
FS2 Adriana Tyers Tara Towle Roxane Gagnon Lin Zhang Melissa Wu
CS1 Paul Donovan Tammy Gaffey Lisa Klasman Tom Varick Bill Newsham
CS2 Neal Miller-Grant Laurie Brown Ellen Miller-Grant Steve Delahunty Heather Ruhm
MV1 Bruce Conti Jim Ecke Hein van den Heuvel Steve Piper Tom Kolb
FV1 Denise Lyddy Rebecca Kadish Suzanne Long
CV1 Margaret Anderson Trevor Ward Richard Stockdale
CA1 Kathleen Fencil John Lewicke Chuck Rossier
SS1 David Salvas Adam Gerhard Johanna Lisle Newbold