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Semi-Virtual Walk/Run/Race

If 2020 was a normal year, the Mine Falls Summer Trail Series committee would be relaxing after all the work we've put in. However, it is the year 2020, and so many fall races have been cancelled it isn't funny. We talked, and we thought it would be great if we could extend the series, but make it a ONE TIME ONLY Mine Falls Autumn Trail Series! Why one time only? Usually the fall is so busy with races and school events that we wouldn't consider trying to compete with it all. This year though, we felt like people may want an excuse and a goal to get out, get some fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful Mine Falls Park while the leaves are turning colors and the air is crisp. Come run socially distant with your friends, and keep meeting up with others running the course. Seeing as the days are shorter, we've given everyone an extra weekend day to get your miles in. There is also less pressure as you can purchase a really cool full zip fleece that you will have mailed to you no matter how many weeks you walk or run! For those who do run 5 of the 6 weeks, you will receive a free MFATS sticker and also a buff that you can wear around your neck, as a mask, as a headband, or in so many other ways! We welcome you to read about it, ask questions on our Facebook page, and join us. Let's race together and have fun. Thank you!

- Your 2020 Race Directors (Marie, Ken and Rob)

Autumn Trail Series Dates

  • September 19 - 22
  • September 26 - 29
  • October 3 - 6
  • October 10 - 13
  • October 17 - 20
  • October 24 - 27

Receive a FREE commemorative Mine Falls Autumn Trail Series buff and sticker by participating in 5 of the 6 races!

When you register you'll also have an opportunity to purchase a Champion lightweight performance fleece with "moisture management" finish screen printed with the Mine Falls Autumn Trail Series logo! This fleece is a full zip, does have pockets, and will come in men's and women's sizes.

Please note that the performance fleece is being sold for $40 including shipping. This is basically at cost for us - we wanted to have some wicked cool swag available to those participating and we aren't doing it to increase revenue.


The Mine Falls Autumn Trail Series will continue as a fun, no-frills multi-week race series run from Stellos Stadium along the scenic trails of Mine Falls Park in Nashua, New Hampshire. In order to maintain social distancing and other limitations from the City of Nashua here's how the race will be run each week.

  • You have from dawn on Saturday morning until dark Tuesday night to run the course.  In fact you can run it as often as you'd like, or even run multiple courses in that time!
  • There will be a marked area to start - location TBD.  Start there, and don't forget to start your watch or any other electronic tracking device if you have one.
  • Run the course and when you finish, cross the marked finish line and record your time.
  • Go to the Gate City Striders Web site or just email minefallssummertrailseries@yahoo.com using the following template and record your times for the week.  Your finishing times MUST be logged by Wednesday at 4pm in order to get an official finishing time.
  • Name:
    Date of your Run:
    Please Attach Your Watch/Strava Output (if possible)!
  • Run solo.  Run socially distant with a friend.  Run fast.  Run for fun.  Walk. Enjoy the park. Bring your kids.  (Kids, bring your parents!)
  • We'll collate the times and publish the results as soon as humanly possible after the reporting deadline.  (Usually by Friday morning)
  • Take pictures.  Post them to our Facebook page!  Share them on Instagram!  Include #mfsts #minefalls #gatecitystriders #gcs
  • Run any 5 of the 6 weeks and you'll earn a FREE sticker and buff!  We do plan on shipping these items to you, so please enter a valid address when you register.

* We expect that all participants will respect and give way to other people using Mine Falls Park, as well as maintaining social distancing while racing.

** If you plan on racing hard and/or want to minimize interactions with others, we suggest running at off hours such as early morning.

*** While proof of your race such as a Garmin or Strava screen shot is not required, it is highly suggested. (We use that a lot when there is confusion with the entered results)

The Courses (4 mile and "Make Your Own!")

The course is run on trails and paved paths through Mine Falls Park. (Why Because we want to say forget you to this year! So we're running 2.0 miles out and 2.0 miles back)
The terrain for the 4 miler is mostly flat, wide & well groomed or paved. The footing is rugged but safe, with some rocks, roots and about 2/3 packed dirt and 1/3 pavement.

The "Make Your Own!" course means you can do any run or walk you want and if it is 3 miles or more then it counts towards earning your swag. This doesn't mean you can run it anywhere, however. You still must do over half of your miles in Mine Falls Park, although you can leave and run around Nashua High South for example. This allows people who'd like to run the MFSTS 5 mile course to do so, or you may run the MFSTS 5K course, or you can make your run as long as you want. All miles in the "Make Your Own!" category will be added together by our awesome staff and counts towards your total. For example, you could do three one mile walks and have it count for your 3 miles. Or you can do a half marathon each of the four days (Saturday morning to Tuesday night) and have it count as 52.4 miles. The person with the most miles will get first place, the person with the second most miles will earn second, and so on for the "Make Your Own!" category.

We will make efforts to mark the 4 mile course each week, but as this is a semi-virtual race we highly encourage runners to familiarize themselves with the trails and course ahead of time.  It is YOUR responsibility to run the correct course and not get lost.


Registration is $45 for the 6-week series.  Unfortunately the registration site doesn't allow flexibility for varying prices for different ages.  This includes the fees for the race plus the cost of the buff, sticker and shipping.

Can't make the first race?  The price will drop $5 after the first week, but registration will end on September 29th. (e.g. after the chance to earn a buff is over)


Take exit 5W off the Everett Turnpike (Route 3) in Nashua. Turn right at the first set of lights after the Police Station. The entrance to Stellos Stadium is the first left.


Mine Falls Park is a 325-acre park in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire. Located in the heart of the city, it was purchased in 1969 from the Nashua, New Hampshire Foundation with city and federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) money. It is bordered on the north by the Nashua River and on the south by the millpond and power canal system.

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