Boston Marathon Bypass Bib Selection Process

Cheer Boston

The Gate City Strider's historically have received a small number of bypass bibs for the Boston Marathon. If/when the club receives these bibs they will be distributed to members who have demonstrated a commitment to club service and volunteering, participating in club events, leadership within the club, and/or being a part of club racing competitions.

Guidelines for Boston Marathon Number Distribution

  1. Application deadline is June 16th. Marathon bib recipients will be chosen via committee review in the following weeks.
  2. Selection will be made based on points from the application as well as any additional information provided by the applicant, as the committee realizes the points may not encompass all aspects of club participation.
  3. Actual bib application documents will be given out if and when they are received by the BAA.
  4. All applicants will be notified via email of their application status following the receipt of the bibs from the BAA. Applicants selected will be recognized at the Annual Awards Dinner.
  5. Points will be awarded for various activities, as indicated on the application.
  6. To be eligible for a marathon number a candidate must meet the following criteria:
    • Be a member of the Gate City Strider's since at least January 1st of the year in which this application is made.
    • Must have completed either a half-marathon or longer within 1 year (12 months) prior to this application.
    • Dues must be paid in full for the years prior to and the year of the Boston Marathon (if you are entering the lottery for a 2020 number, your dues must be paid in full for 2019 and 2020).
  7. Members cannot receive a marathon number more than once in two years. (If you received a bypass number from our club for 2018 you are not eligible for the lottery again until 2020). <-- The Executive Board has waved this limitation for 2021 with the belief that running Virtual Boston in 2020 shorted applicants the experience of a true Boston.
  8. Numbers are non-transferable and must be used by the recipient. If the recipient is unable to participate in the marathon, they must return the application immediately to the Board so that it may be assigned to an alternate.
  9. In the process of determining eligibility for marathon numbers, the Board may at its discretion make exceptions to the above guidelines.
  10. Members who are selected to receive bibs will be responsible for paying any and all fees required by the BAA to participate. The fees for 2021 include a $370 registration fee as well as a $25 COVID fee.


If there are fewer applications received than the number of bibs that the Gate City Strider's receive (or are anticipated to receive), the following process will take place:

  1. The situation will be advertised to the members of the Gate City Strider's.
  2. Members meeting the criteria described in section (6) above will be eligible.
  3. Members who have received a marathon number the previous year are eligible to apply.
  4. Members must have run at least one (1) half marathon or longer in the preceding year.
  5. Members will be given at least 10 days to indicate interest in participating.
  6. Applicants will be chosen via a random lottery, which will take place at either a public event or a GCS Board Meeting.
  • Basic Information

  • Distance Training

    The Gate City Striders running club is expected to select runners that can complete both training for the Boston Marathon as well as the race in six hours or less, per Boston Athletic Association regulations. This portion will help to determine your readiness to train and run the Boston Marathon.
  • Commitment to the Club

    General GCS criteria for obtaining an invitational bib include considerations of service to the club, participation in club events, and participation as a GCS member in the Grand Prix, Mountain, and Cross Country series. By setting these criteria, the goal of the Board of Directors is to have members who are active and have given back to GCS represent our club at one of the biggest marathons in the world.
  • How many times did you volunteer for this series between 2019 and 2020? (1 pt per week)
    Please enter a value between 1 and 12.
  • (Number of shifts volunteered, 1 pt per shift)
    Please enter a value between 1 and 3.
  • How many times did you volunteer for this series? (1 pt per week)
    Please enter a value between 1 and 30.
  • How many times did you volunteer for this series? (1 pt per week)
    Please enter a value between 1 and 14.
  • How many times did you volunteer for this series? (1 pt per week)
  • How many times did you volunteer for this series? (1 pt per week)
  • Club Participation Opportunities

  • Check all events attended
  • Race Participation Opportunities

  • Check the races you've finished for the club. 1 pt per race.
  • Check the races you've finished for the club. 1 pt per race.
  • Check the races you've finished for the club. 1 pt per race.
  • Check the races you've finished for the club. 1 pt per race.
  • Check the races you've finished for the club. 1 pt per race.
  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Check all that apply
  • Is there anything else you would like to share with the committee about your activities related to the club?
  • Responsibilities of being a member of the Gate City Strider Boston Marathon Team:

    • Be physically able to complete the Marathon in under 6 hours
    • $370 B.A.A. race entry fee (final amount TBD on the invitational entry, subject to change from $370) and also a $25 COVID fee for the year 2021.
    • Once the application has been submitted to the BAA, no substitutions can be made. If you become injured and are unable to run Boston 2020 you must notify both the Board and the BAA immediately. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THESE APPLICATIONS TO BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER PARTY, SOLD, AUCTIONED, USED AS AWARDS OR DISTRIBUTED IN ANY OTHER MANNER. Any conflicts will result in the disqualification of the runner and review of the club’s standing in the B.A.A. Running Club Program.

    By signing this application, I certify that all information appearing on and submitted with this document is up to date and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I grant the Gate City Striders permission to use my name, my biography, my likeness - including, but not limited to, still photographs, digital photographs, audio and/or visual recordings - or any other record related to a potential Boston bypass bib award for any legitimate purpose related to promoting this selection to the Club. This may include, but is not limited to, postings to the Gate City Striders Web page, press releases, printed materials, announcements at member events, social media, and similar.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.